Saturday, October 25, 2008

hey guys

so i'm kind of failing on the process of documenting being in oaxaca. i am in school here and it's kind of like high school because there is a bell (even though my high school didn't have bells...because it was in san francisco and hippies are all about the internal clocks). but it's really more like kindergarten or preschool because all day i have to speak in a language that i am semi-literate in. i think i am learning, though, because when i first got here i couldn't understand what dudes were saying to me when they were trying to hit on me, but now i can. so that's useful.

i went to a mall last night and it really made me miss southern california. i felt really nostalgic for the inland empire and that one night when mike, david, robert, albert, dolores, reggie and i waited for more than an hour for a table at bj's (!!) in the montebello parking lot. why that is the memory that i am homesick for, i have no idea. i miss the desert and how the light is more yellow at home. i miss the ocean and the dust.


G."R."C.G. said...

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Clare said...

i was hopin this would show up as an alert