Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today was long and involved a lot of thinking. I think I strained my neck reading, if that is even possible. After school, Reggie picked me up and took me to the hills (not THE HILLS), and we found a secret path by a basketball court, lined with the vines that have neon-green sprung-coil curly-cue shoots (which wrap themselves round the dead things beneath them, in order to get their footing to spread up towards the light). My camera's battery died before I could take their picture, but they were so beautiful.

I've been getting good advice lately. Reggie knows about how to tell me advice without saying anything, and just taking me to a quiet place where things grow. David Scott Stone taught me, on sunday, how to flip a coin between emotion and intellect (you do two out of three, or it doesn't count until you get the answer you wanted in the first place). I climbed the secret path up the side of the hill until it was too steep to keep going.

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