Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Reggie's christmas present to his dad was to take him (and me) to the opening weekend of NASCAR, in Fontana. The sounds the cars make are so loud all you can do is listen to them overtaking the entire arena until there is a car crash and everyone has to go slower. The sounds the cars make are completely hypnotizing. you start listening to the reverb and hearing little screaming noises twisting inside the echoes of the sound. Reggie also heard the little screaming noises, i think. This one day depleted our collective ability to hear more than a month of No Age shows ever did. I also got kind of high off of the exhaust fumes. The smell of gasoline gets into everything. At the end of the day, Reggie's dad bought me a NASCAR bear, which was really sweet of him.


J. SPEARS said...


omg omg my captcha has the word car in it: "caticar"

J. SPEARS said...

where you at girl??